About us

Specialization is the key to our success

Executive Golf is a sports events agency specializing in golf tournaments for companies. Creating the largest network of golf executives in Spain is our mission and we currently have a database that grows every day, more than 1,100 golf-loving executives. This, together with an experience of more than 15 years organizing sporting events, allows us on the one hand, to design exceptional tournaments and on the other to have the capacity to convene potential clients to generate quality directed networking.

Everything we do is guaranteed by the seal of excellence and an exquisite personalized service that manages to understand the needs of our customers. Plan and set very well defined objectives is the first step to achieve the desired results for our customers.

The lines of business in which we have specialized are:

Golfers CEOs
Years of experience
Organized events
Our philosophy

Connect people through golf to generate prosperity

In life you reach the commercial through the personal
  • 1

    We will enjoy doing business

  • 2

    Each tournament is a new opportunity

  • 3

    Happiness is helping others

We are unique because...

  • We convoke your client
  • The largest network of golf executives in Spain
  • We are 100% specialized in Companies
  • Netgolfing = Networking + Golf
  • Comprehensive advice, from start to finish
Miembros del equipo

Conoce a nuestra gente

Nuestro equipo cuenta con una gran experiencia en la organización de eventos deportivos, destaca por su profesionalidad y compromiso

Esteban Berriochoa

CEO & Founder

Ignacio Domínguez

Desarrollo de negocio

Blanca Suso

Relac. institucionales

Pablo Martín